Map Builder Update 3.3.3

Bug Fixes & Improvements:
-Fixed invisible objects bug
-Finalized Map Builder as an independent DLC
-Minor bug fixes

Map Builder Update 3.3.2

This update will allow you to use the “mapbuilder” & “addonprops” folders together!

-addonprops Folder Compatibility
Bug Fixes & Improvements:
-Moved “MB2 > MB3 updating tutorial” to Optional DLC folder

Message From OmegaKingMods:
Hello everyone, I hope that you are enjoying the ongoing Map Builder updates. Due to the fact that my motherboard quit working as of yesterday. Updates will be delayed until I can either fix it or get a new PC. For this reason, I will be offering a paid version of Map Builder soon to help pay the bills. I plan to continue to bring updates to the free version as well. The paid version of Map Builder will only cost $5 and will feature tons of new objects on day one. I hope you understand my reasoning for this. More coming soon!

Your friend,

Hello Everyone!

Just checking in with everyone. I want you to know that I’m taking Map Builder to the next level. It takes a lot of effort to bring you ongoing updates. If you’re willing to pay as little as $5 a month you will get tons of new stuff to play around with! Don’t have $5? Don’t worry the FREE version will remain for everyone as well. I hope you take this journey with us. More details coming soon!

New Features Coming To Map Builder

Map Builder 3.4.0 is set to release soon. The update will provide fixes for texture bugs and set the foundation for new features including the San Kuda Island DLC. Update 3.4.0 will also implement add-on folder compatibility for users who wish to add their own props to the game.

The return of Map Builder Open-Source is also being considered. Thanks to our returning users and the new website, this may be a possibility in the not too distant future.

New Features: (Coming Soon 3.4.0)

  • Texture Bug Fixes
  • San Kuda Island Prerequisites
  • Dynamic YFT Props Compatibility
  • Add-On Folder Compatibility

This update will allow Map Builder to expand beyond terrain building.

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