Map Builder Update 3.3.4

With a redesigned layout and optional dlc downloads Map Builder 3.3.4 gets added to the website. addonprops compatibility issues have also been fixed. With a little bit of work on your part, you can now use Map Builder + Custom Props together. All Optional DLC has been removed to reserve space on your hard drive and increase download speeds. You can download each piece of Optional DLC individually CLICK HERE

-Redesigned Layout
-Removed Optional DLC (Download Seperately)
-Faster Download / Less Memory Usage
-Easy To Find Universal Folder
-Moved Content Log To Backup Files Folder
(Optional DLC Updates – Download At
-Map Builder + Custom Props
-addonprops compatibility fixes

More updates are in development. Support us and get rewarded with tons of new props for Map Builder HERE. Most importantly, keep on building those maps! Any map that uses Map Builder will get a spotlight shout-out to get your map noticed!


Map Builder Update 3.3.0

Map Builder 3.3.0 is now available for download!

v3.3.0 : MBWC Props & Roads
New Objects: (12 NEW)
-Grass Exshort / Hill / Hill 2 / Hump
-Dirt Exshort / Hill / Hill 2 / Hump
-Sand Exshort / Hill / Hill 2 / Hump
-Stunt Track Road Textures (Optional DLC)
Bug Fixes & Improvements:
-Moved heavy load objects to the end of MB List
-Updated Error Codes for Troubleshooting
-Added EC-210 / EC-211