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New Mods, Dynamic Props, Updates & More!

I’m not wasting any time patrons! New mods are coming soon along with Map Builder Creator Edition updates.

Map Builder Creator Edition Update:
Dynamic Props is now a possibility with Map Builder. One of the new features will be Dynamic Walls. If you shoot them or bomb them they will break apart into pieces!

New Mods:
Find out soon. The picture above is the cover art for one of the new mods.

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What’s Coming February?

I would like to thank everyone for supporting the website. I know that many of you want to see more Map Builder updates roll out with new features. My goal for now is to get the mod working for everyone.

My primary project right now, is creating Story & Map DLC. I did say that the estimated release would be at the end of January 2017. Due to bugs with other mods that I’m using, the DLC will be slightly delayed. I want to get things running as smooth as possible before I release.

Available first to Patrons.