What is omegakings.com?

omegakings.com was originally designed to bring exclusive content to “non-profit” mods, created for Grand Theft Auto V. Since the release of our Map Builder mod, the ideas evolved.

The future of Map Builder

The concept has a lot of potential. Many users have asked for different prop shapes and sizes. Currently these objects can’t be imported without noticeable bugs. When we get full 3D model support, anything will be possible. For now, enjoy the frequent updates that you can only find on omegakings.com. Learn more on the Map Builder Page.


Another idea is to bring together a community of creative users. Sometimes two minds are better than one. (More ways to connect coming soon)


Okay, this one should be at the top. After all it’s all fun and games, right? Videos and pictures will be posted to keep the site fresh.


I’ll post articles that I find interesting occasionally. What do you want to know about? Let me know on the “Contact Us” page.


Each file is scanned for malware and viruses using an antivirus.

Your support is appreciated!